Maya Bocheva

Maya Bocheva

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First Name * Maya
Last Name * Bocheva
Username * thewicky
Country * Bulgaria
City Sofia
Nationality bulgarian




I'm glad to be here!
I'm going to write just a few things, so you don't get bored reading. I was born in a galaxy far-far away... not I'm just kidding :)
I'm just going to present myself as someone, who most of all loves drawing fairy-tale characters and stories.
So far I've made 4 animated TV commercials, the bigger of them is filled with all kinds of animals (cows, sheep, goat) and got rewarded with grand prize in a student festival (because I'm not quite graduated yet) and a nomination in a festival of the Bulgarian marketing association.
Apart form that I illustrate books, draw all kinds of commercials, and at the moment I'm redesigning a series of school materials.
One of my other successes is a small book for Microsoft Bulgria - it's about using illegal software.
I'm also working for several years with a German company. I'm doing all kinds of stuff for them illustrations, logos, advertisement characters, presentations, advertisement materials, also 2 flash games (with a help from a programmer, of course).
I'm going to stop here , because I feel I'm getting close to the boredom limit.
Thanks for the attention and I hope you like my works.


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